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    May Day against the world crisis


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    May Day against the world crisis

    Post  Atreides on Mon Apr 28, 2008 11:33 am


    One more year we are in front of the commemoration of the May Day. One more year the bourgeoisie will try by all means that the historic and real content of this date goes the most unnoticed possible. That workers forget that this day always has been a day to demonstrate our rejection to the exploitation and to the barbarism that the capitalism submit us.

    The bourgeoisie tries by all the means to divide us. Utilize for it the corporativism, nationalisms, the xenophobia and racism. Divide the workers according to the job they occupy, according to if they work or they are unemployed, according to the place they were born in, the language that they speak or the color of their skins. But all workers we are equals in front of the capitalist exploitation. We all have to sell the one thing that we have, our capability to work and to produce, in order to earn one´s living. We all suffer from the oppression in the centers of work. The capital dominates to all of us.

    This May Day the workers of the entire planet faced a crisis of enormous proportions. Over the past years, the spokespersons of the capital have denied that the crisis exist or have minimized it utilizing terms like deceleration, readjust,… But now, when already for all it is evident because all of us experience his consequences, all those phoneys they act like if the crisis were inevitable. And it is, but because capitalism creates and need them, because they are something inherent to this system.

    This crisis, according to all of the evidences, only will be comparable with the crack of 1929. Then, the proletariat, everywhere, had been defeated and massacred. The revolutionary processes that workers had carried out had failed. But now the situation is very different. When the ideologists of the capital told us that history had finished, that ideologies had died, that we lived in the best of the possible worlds, the mobilizations of all those that they consider that this world is unjust and that it is possible to change it made those lies blow into the air. The fights have not ceased these last times in several countries.

    The mobilizations against the war these last years were very significant, because many million went out to the streets at the all the corners of the Planet. But also the quotidian mobilizations that take place, more and more, everywhere: General strikes that paralyzed the countries in Greece or Egypt. Strikes and mass and held mobilizations against exploitation, the layoffs and the closings in Germany or in Spain; in France, strikes for better wages and against layoffs; in China, in spite of the bureaucrats' repression, there are mobilizations of the workers and peasants; in USA and Canada, millions went and go out to the streets claiming the equality of rights between immigrants and citizens; and Spain, the mobilizations and assemblies for the right to a decent house continue and they extend; In Argentina, many factories and companies continue occupied and administered by the workers themselves; in Nigeria, the oil workers' mobilizations are massives; in Morocco, the workers combat the corrupt monarchical regimen, the unemployment and the exploitation of the multinationals; in Iran, the proletariat confronts the theocratic repression to defend their rights and interests; in Portugal or Spain, the workers defend at the streets the public education; in Haiti, the common people is in the streets to defend his survival in front of the rise in prices; in Mexico, in spite of the continuous murders and incarcerations, the people does not cease in his fight.

    There are thousands of examples. The crucial issue is that the proletariat, in the entire planet, needs to be more conscious every day of the possibility to transform the society, to abolish the capitalist exploitation and to emancipate by themselves. And that only the mobilization and the international solidarity able to achieve this goal. Because the alternative is in front of all of us: SOCIALISM or BARBARISM!

    Communist Democracy (Luxemburgist)

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