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    the class struggle today


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    the class struggle today

    Post  lost on Mon Jul 18, 2011 4:37 pm

    i am clear that the working class is the agenct of change and the motor of history in the class struggle

    today the police dropped charges against 120 demonstrators of uk uncut and other groups who demonstrated by occupying fortnum and masons stores to highlight both the conspicuous consumption of the rich and the failure to pay taxes by avoidance which might make a contribution to plkugging the gap in th economy.that is avictory for us and a sign of weakness on their part,not least in not being able to generate the evidence to get convictions nor to cover for the assuance a female senior officer gave that if demonstrators left the venue they would not be persecuted...sorry i menat prosecuted.their subsequent arrest amounts to persecution.

    this is following the resignation of senior police officesr,the arrest of senior journalists and the"embarrassment£of politicians in what has become known as "hackgate"

    whillst it is a political crisis,which indicates faiulre and faltering coinfidence,in revealing the lack of ethics,in which those to blame take no responsibility for anything-the crisis is actually much deeper.whilst the outcome of the wider crisis and struggles are not foregone conclusions it all indicates a deep corruption and decay and deacadence in the is as if it were running on empty,eating itself and clicing itself to find away out let alone a way forward.and the world economy is in both meltdown and denial.

    nevertheless how ever deep these crisies the system will not simply fold in on itself.were it to do so it would convey us to a terminal could take along time dying.

    it will take us the motor of history and change.we need to smash it and to build a new society fit for its working people,for human need and creativity-not greed and profit.

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