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    decadence,decay,corruption-politics in britain


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    decadence,decay,corruption-politics in britain

    Post  lost on Thu Jul 21, 2011 7:12 am

    a few days ago a number of"dodgy geezers"were forced to resign from senior positions in the metropolitan police force.a few days later same"dodgy geezers"appeared before another dodgy bunch from news corporation appeared before a parliamentary committee of the"house of common criminals"-some of us have not forgotten the parliamentary expenses scandal.

    there were a few sharp questions.the lot of them from all 3 gangs have given meaningless apologies that accept no responsibility for anything.tghe only truth was when a comedian pushed a"custard pie"into the face of the chief bandit-rupert murdoch's face.

    that was the one image the press did not capture on camera.they did capture the response of mudoch's wife,unsurprisingly protective of her husband,who slapped the comedian in the she of course has become the hero of the news.

    the comedian is now subject of a parlaimentary investigation and a court hearing having been charged with who knows what.

    on any measure,this mans actions appear like nothing beside the systematic an systemic corruption of the police ,the press and the politicians.

    i would also argue that whilst the particular individuals mughgt be weak and prone to wrongdoing,the wider issue is that the system itself is now decadent,decayed and itself itself operates in such a way that the problems now identified will appear and reappear again and again.

    cameron referred to old fashioned values,that anyone was innocent until proven guilty.another part of old fashioned values was the notion that when something went wrong the person(s)in charge resigned simply because the wrongdoing or error occcurred on that persons watch.that said i recognise that often this notion was empty words-as events in the crimean war proved when following disaster the generals did not resign but argued which of their juniors should be blamed and scapegoated.

    so cameron did not apologise.he is equally incapable of logic.if he knew then what he knows now-and was told or warned repeatedly,he would not have offerred one of the dody geezers a is simple logic that the dodgy geezer cannot respond to an offer not made.

    at least one of the filth(police)refers to the heroic efforts of police during student riots.yeah,right-kettling children legally demonstrating,wrenching people with disabilities from wheel chairs,lying to demonstrators occuping fortnum and mason,kidnapping reublicans for their republican thoughts on the day of the parasites wedding,murdering ian tomlinson,john charles de memenzes and more.need i go on.

    if this bunch of gangsters represent the police,we need investigators and people to protect the vulnerable,not"bodies of artmed men"to smash our clas.if this lot are the free press,then shut it down and hand the resources to workers and communities under workers control.and if this bunch are what democracy looks like,then replace it with workers and communities committees in which we the people who do the work and have tolerated this whole class of "dodgy geezers and molls"for far too long can make different and better lives and organise society for human need not the parasites who rule over us nor their profit.

    i will be seeking to find out whether the parliamentary one is being defended and supported.he should not be charged for the heroic action of showing up this cosy hang for what they are.

    things as they are make me sick

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