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    class justice?


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    class justice?

    Post  lost on Tue Aug 02, 2011 4:56 pm

    ive long worked in public service with a direct clientele,in which i meet and assess them,most recently in the context fo criminal justice.such work is usually framed in numerous protocals,at least one of which is about diversity,discrimination and equality.

    we are not allowed to discrimate on the bais of ability,age,gender,sexual orientation,ethnicity,race.i may have left soem issues out of the list.i have no problem in rpinciple with any of it.o might criticise shortcomings but not the principles although mine are not and identity politics.

    the one thing i have long criticised and know i am not alone in this is a 5 letter word beginning with c......class.whilst i may refer in my work to social exclusion,this term for me is the watered down politics of accomodation that accompanied the labour party rejection of clause 4 in its constitution which refereed to common ownerships and the labour of hand and brain.

    social exclusion just doesnt cut the mustard.

    the relevance of this is in identifying class jusrice.justice under capitalism and the state is alwasy class seems to me that the difference now is that clas justice is overt.

    today the comedian who attended a house of commons committee as a member of the public,and who in my opinion was the only person in the system or the room to bring home to murdoch senior any of the real public revulsion of the latters behaviour by pushing a custard pie of shaving foam on a paper plate into murdochs face.

    at court he pleaded guilty to assault and was given 6 weeks in custody.this all took place in a very few weeks.meanwhile no one has actually been brought to account for the unlawful killing-murder to you and me-of ian tomlinson,a middle aged newspaper seller who was not even taking part in a demonstration,when he ws killed.nor indeed for the killing of john charles de menezes.nor over the last 3 decades for the deraths of over 1,00 civilians in custody or other police care.

    the student who droppeda fire extinguisher from the top of a building,who actually harmed no one(i recognise he could have killed people but in fact he did no such harm)got 18 months and the son of dave gilmour of pink floyd,also in student demonstrations got 8 months custody.

    ive written about other injustices here in other posts i will not repeat myself further,except to observe another impact of the press-police-politicians corruption in the murdoch/hackgate affair.

    out of soem eleven arrests not one has resulted from a dawn raid using enforcesr and humiliation,which is the usual treatment handed out to more ordinary criminals,or those accused of terrorism and sometimes gunned down or abused or humiliated in the process.this scandal has gone on for years,so has the criminality associated with it.the police until recently made excuses for their own corrupt engagement with it.this involves serious systematic phone and computer hacking of victims.

    then there is an investigation of computer hacking by what might be an organised group of young people hacing into websites.this investigation involves british and usa security is relatively recent.those"in the farme"are young people of 16 and 19 at least one of whom might be "autistic".their motivation does not seem to be greed nor is it simplu malicious.that is to be investigated and revealed.yet these 2-3 individuals were arrested in humiliating dawn raids with all the associated theatre which goes way beyond what is neccessary or functional.

    guilty or innocent...class law is playing itself out.

    i do not dount working clas youth will become scapegaoted examples,and the system will continue to look for excuses for their own kind--looking for get out clauses for members of their own class.

    what is clear to me is that we live in a system where those who decide and rule and take our labour,make the rules of the system in theirt own interests and image.yet some of them are so stupid and greedy that they still get caught out!or indeed as i believe,that the system is now so tired,decadent and in decay that a.they dont knpw how to explain how they got us here,nor the way out.
    b.their own system is now completely out of their control and it is more difficult for them to resolve it.

    it is also clear that we,those who do the labouring,to finish it off,consign them to the rubbish pile of history and make the society the rest of us deserve

    it need not be perfect but it could hardly fail to be better.

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