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    3 insights on riots in britain does not make a theory..but its the state and not youth that are the problem


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    3 insights on riots in britain does not make a theory..but its the state and not youth that are the problem

    Post  lost on Fri Aug 19, 2011 2:41 pm

    i have written elsewhere my initial contribution to an understanding of the riots around britain now something over a week ago.

    i have observed the speed of condemnation along with the paucity of explanation.explanations remain unsatisfactory and fragmentary.i would suggest that any explanation to explain anything will need to be complex and nuanced.

    in the meantime i simply note some insights.whilst no amount of insight constitutes a theory,they do provide pointers if not a starting point.

    firstly,sometimes culture if not art provies better insight than formal is in this context that i observe that Run DMC"its like that"presents what might be a very articulate voice of the inarticulate in their song of more than 20 years ago.its worth a listen for its ambiguity,its alienation,its description of how life might be for some of the young and also presents some clues about a way forward with its references to disilusion,unity,of not being prejudiced,the importanceof an educaion and more.

    secondly,i heard a Christian priest refer to the importance of relating to the excluded and seems to me that were Jesus Christ here now he would relate to the xluded and demonised now-say the young,poor and dispossessed and alienated,just as he did in the biblical tradition.amongst his disciples was at least a tax collector(then regraded as profiteering cheats and liars)-matthew,and at least one revolutionary,simon the zealot(an extreme ultra nationalist?)

    thirdly,i heard one articulate young commentatpr describe the riots as a childrens rebellion0which was also described as powerful,and forceful.he went on to say that even asw a prolomged tantrum,it hadsignificant origins and should not be dealt with by force,violence and anger.he hinted that to do so would invite a further whirlwind.

    as an explanation each insight has its faults,but individually and toegther they provide a valuable starting point.

    unfortunately the state is not pushes forward in the interests of the dominant sections of capitalism.

    whiklst young people and children may experience difficulties,they are not at the root of the current social crisis and moral panic.i do more tha suggest that if we brought the state and capitalism to ane end some of the problems would evaporate,most would be manageable within a humanitarian context,and the remains could be considered more thoughtfully and carefully.

    meanwhile the state looks foi scapegoats,and gives no authentic consideration either to the real victims of the unrest,nor to healing the wider society let alone to addressing any of the needs of any people within a society in crisis and distress.

    at present it just hits all of us over the head both literally and is pretending nothing is wrong with itself.capitalism makes us sick and is systemically terminally ill.we,those who oppose and who work have to find more constructive way to bring it to an end,and replace it with something better that tries to meet the needs of us all,no longer chasing the mad delusions of capitalism.

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