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    when the news is not news


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    when the news is not news

    Post  lost on Mon Sep 05, 2011 11:32 am

    most revolutionaries will be familiar with sophisticated notions about how ideaology works and the role of the media in it,or else we would not still be talking about gramsci,hegemony and contesting it all.

    i just thought id make and observation about a specific event.

    on saturday 03/09/2011,in one way or another communities in the east end along with socialist,trades unionists and anti-fascist contested the streets of tower hamlets.

    shiraz socialist reported that the score was 0-0 to the left and the right with the state coming out victor.socialist worker was somewhat more optimistic about the victory of the community in reclaiming "our streets".idont know what else the left has reported except to say i wrote about events eher and on advance the struggle.

    what was noticeable was how the bbc seems to have ignored it not claiming certainty here but we keep the radio on a lot of the time and i watch out.

    it was only late yesterday i saw a local london news programme on the bbc-that actually reported a non event.nothing much at all about the events or the issues,some if not most of which response is i suppose predictable

    but they reported a bus load of edl/fasc.being driven through tower hamlets,which broke down and how there was nearly an incident or there could have been.the most sensible bit was a muslim steward at the mosque commenting on the stupidity of the security error in letting the bus into the area,and then a few fragments/clips

    those show the right wing in a pretty poor light but explained nothing.i suppose we can glean that because they said nothing about the left/ant-fascists/community-they could not find nor make up more slanders against us as per usual.

    but it will only be a matter of time

    i still think it gives us material to present the importance of unity,of organising,of standing together and much else.

    i think we have something to celebrate about now when the 75th anniversary of "cable street"arrives.

    we still have aliot to do

    this is only one battle,one front,in one place.but each event is a brick in the wall-our wall,our possibilities

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