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    greece,britain,germany-absurd economics



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    greece,britain,germany-absurd economics

    Post  lost on Sat Oct 01, 2011 6:32 am

    im reading,hearing,seeing everyday that across the world the discussions by economists,journalists and commentators are becoming more hysterical-sometimes their excitement or terror are disguised but barely distinguishable.i had already described the responses to their crisis as absurd as if the theories they are working to emanate from the tommy cooper school of economists.only tommy cooper was a great,skilful and intelligent comedian.they are none of those things,nor are they economists.

    it comes to something when marxist critics are not just talking of toxicity,of debt piled on debt some of which seems both untraceable and capital can be careless and profligate because it has nothing to ground it,let alone tie it to reality.i notice some are writing now about fictional capital as a real material object.

    in all of this the greek people,if discussed at all in anything more than abstractions are described as careless victms of their own irresponsibility.i reject this caricature.

    in the next breath,it is said that the germans,caricatured as dour,hardworking and perfect will not stand for being expected to pay for the greek debt,which is the logic of the peculiar theorizing and calculations of the capitalists and their apologists.

    i do not doubt that we,all the working class,internationally are being manipulated and hit over the head with their nonsense.what is also clearb is that at least in some places the way capitalism functions at a variety of levels,in such acomplicated way,it is clear that describing any state of full class consciousness as oppossed to false consciousness is much harder than in the past.

    this may make looking for clear,pure,fully formed,independent and perfect class consciousness might be impossible in theory and in practice.

    so in recent days as those same journalist apologists stuble towards a patching up of the problem of the crisis-its resolution seems impossible,some have reported in what appears genuine suprise that the germans have swallowed it,without political crisis in the german government or ruling class.

    but frankly,what i found most striking was the response of the few german workers they talked an actor stressed that civilisation,democracy,economy and a lot else came from greece.noting that it is an ancient civilisation.the woman with him,his partner,a worker,holding their young child-who cared nothing for the microphone nor "order"of an interview,described the reality of employment and economic uncertainty,that europeans belonged together and needed to help each other out.whilst i would want to disconnect all those thoughts from any attachment to capitalism or its rescue,it seems to me that there is nothing wrong with those core,key ideas.

    they hint at the importance of memory,of class-united by our "doing",of solidarity,and of internationalism.what is inevitably left out,and i mean no criticism of the gentle but clear sighted workers interviewed,was the need for independent class action by and organised by us,to radically change their decadent and overdue system once and for all.

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