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    olympics-london 2012


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    olympics-london 2012

    Post  lost on Sat Mar 17, 2012 7:09 pm

    i have written here before about a number of critical issues in relation to london olympics 2012 that reveal it,if not neccessarilly the paralympics to be a throroughly top down enterprise,in which even sports stars come secodn to the total dominance of capital and capitalism.transport unin workers have however exerted a limited counterweight in not unreasonably taking advance of their relateive economic power and the key role public transport is expected to play in the city.

    its is my view that it is also to len mcluskeys credit,general secretary of UNITE the union,to take any/every opportunity to force issues of workers concern-pay,pensions,austerity,politics onto"the table"before and during the olympics.his is not the voice of an infrmed rank and file,but is still to be supported in enabling and encouraging the voice of protest and of workers in these is down to militants,socialists and of course workers and trades unionists themselves to make and drive these opportunities.

    as a revolutionary and an internationalist,i would go much further-it seems to me that both within europe and ingernatonally given the "internatiinal"pretensiins and nature of the olympics,might use any time in this country and especially across europe to build an alternative trail for an alternative torch to pass from say greece to london via linked hands and arms of all of us with our brothers and sisters across europe,to represent the potential,the cries,the demands of the working class and those in the very least we can actively build solidarity with our borthers and sisters across the world,inclduing the diasporas populations within all our countries,the migrants,the poor,the dispossessed.we can demonstrate to ourselves as well as to those who think they rule us the potential of our collective power and that we really are brothers and sisters with no country but a world to win!

    mine is one small voice but i call on all serious organsiastions,groupings and activists on the left to mobilise to place our demands as an international class at and before the reveal the true nature of the spectacle of the olypics and of capitalism set against the austerity,the suffereing and the capacity of our class who do the work,who build,who make.the real secatacle is our capacity as a class not their sacrifice of us to their crisis or their 5 ring circus.

    we should get off our knees,and stand in our dignity-the toiling masses-to place our demands before this empty nonsense!

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