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    Stop the Bahrain grand prix-theres still time!


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    Stop the Bahrain grand prix-theres still time!

    Post  lost on Sat Apr 21, 2012 5:26 pm

    last year as revolution broke out in bahrain,i wrote some pieces about stopping the bahrain grand prix.last year all those involved internationally,except the"stinking torture state"itself called it off.

    this year has been different.i wrote pieces on the internet surmising that because the bbc/british broadcating corporation had in my opinion messed up on its formula one contract,that there would be less coverage on television.whilst i may have got that view rather scrambled,i was so dissappointed i took my eye off what was going it was only about 10 days ago that i realised that bahrain was the next race in the calendar and due to take place tomorrow.i wrote on internet sites my concern that it should not be allowed to take place.i emailed the few"key players"i thought might have an influence,but became gloomier that nothing would happen,other than further disasters and human rights breaches in bahrain itself.

    the FIA,and F1 HQ here in london seemed to confirm that the event would go ahead,although there were conerns expressed by at least one team and one driver that there were security and other concerns.on thursday,friday and today there were incidenst that raised the tension and i believe at least 2 civilian security forces in bahrain tear gassed inside a restaurant that i assume is near the circuit.there have been major demonstrations against the regime in the capital.

    then last night-a glimpse of light;as i recieved an email that the peter tatchel foundation(human rights)and justice for bahrain and others had called a demonstration outside F1HQ today.

    i went along to support a number of others,my brothers and sisters in struggle,largely bahraini exiles here in london,to protest and to call on the F1 organisation to cancel the reports are already going out,so i hope good coverage in tomorrows papers etc will contribute to stopping this race-which would place the people of bahrain first before profits of the sport and more importantly before theattemt by the autocrcay in bahrain from enhancing its reputation away from waht it is-a"stinking torture state"

    abbas,who has been here 3 years,with his wife and children only coming to britain a few months ago,told me that were he still in bahrain-he would be serving a 15 years prsion sentence,already imposed,and could even be executed.socialist worker(uk)reports an interview with the daughter of a prisoner in bahrain now on hungers trike for over 70 days.there are others who are being tortured,and at least one NOT recieving treatment for cancer.

    peter tatchell spoke denouncing the lack of opinion or indeed any courage from david cameron,prime minister here and bernie ecclestone,head of F1-in not stopping the race.a speaker for justice for bahrain outlined their campaign for human rights and freedom of opinion.

    i attach a photo,which happens to show me with peter tatchell.


    Number of posts : 151
    Registration date : 2010-12-13

    bahrain grand prix

    Post  lost on Sat Apr 21, 2012 5:33 pm

    i apologise-the facility to insert an image does not seem to work.

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