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    Riots in Greece


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    Riots in Greece

    Post  ElIndio on Sat Dec 13, 2008 6:04 am

    Some links relating to the situation in Greece (coverage, eye witness accounts, pictures showing cops and fascists working together in attacking demonstrators and small shops and houses so the population thinks demonstrators are "violent"...)

    It seems that the riots of the past days is due to the shooting of the sixteen year old anarchist (there are evidences that the cops repeatedly used gunfire on demonstratos) but it also deals with months of struggles against the government's plan for privatizations, unpaid fired workers, low salaries (600 euros for young people with diplomas...).

    An interesting things is (as in May 68 in France) the population is in solidarity with the protesters, a general strike day took place earlier this week. These two elements may unite students and workers, key element that was not present during th French riots of 2005.

    Also, how can one forget the riots in June in Danemark or the solidarity marches/actions in Spain, France (Bordeaux and Paris), Italy, UK... ?

    Greece Unrest - Libcom

    Irregular updates on the situation in Greece

    Athens' Indymedia



    Number of posts : 341
    Group : Réseau Luxemburgiste International/International Luxemburgit Network
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    Re: Riots in Greece

    Post  ElIndio on Mon Dec 15, 2008 1:26 pm

    Interesting interview to an anarcho-syndicalist from ESE (Greece) :


    For days the young people of Greece have been in the streets, venting their anger.

    Anger against the police who murdered a 15 year-old in cold blood.

    Anger towards a political class (those of all parties) which is infested with corruption and nepotism.

    Their anger against this politcal class that privatises universities, casualises the young workforce and chips away at the gains of the workers (social security and retirement reforms)

    In Paris, in Roma, in Madrid, in Warsaw, in Stockholm as in Athens...

    Capitalism exploits, sacks and kills ; it criminalises workers’ movements ; it expels immigrants.

    We are calling for international solidarity with the students and workers of Greece in their struggle !

    In Paris, in Roma, in Madrid, in Warsaw, in Stockholm as in Athens...
    We need to globalise resistance !

    We need a General Strike against Capital !

    We need a General strike agaisnt State represion !

    CNT (france), WORKERS INITIATIVE (Poland), CGT (Spain), USI (Italy), ESE (Greece), IWW (Great Britain), LA (Poland), SAC (Sweden)

    Interview with Yannis, international secretary of the ESE.

    Can you describe the events surrounding the death of Alexis again ?

    For the last three years the Greek police’s strategy in Exârcheia, a district famous for popular struglle and home to many students., young people and libertarians, has been one of provocation.

    Police patrols have become more frequent recently and on a daily basis the police are insulting the people in the area.

    When it comes to the murder of this 15 year-old boy all the witnesses (resdients, passers-by etc) state that the police were provoking a group of young people by insulting them. When the youths responded the police parked their car and then returned to where the youths were sitting then they fired three times. The witnesses state that the murderer fired directly at Alexis who died on the pavement.

    What are the tatics of the Greek police ?

    Since the end of the dictatorship of the Colonels dozens of Greeks have been killed by the police. Amongst the dead are : Mikalis Kaltezas, a 15 year-old anarchist militant killed in 1985 ; Issidoros Issidoropoulos, a 16 year-old extreme left-wing militant killed in 1976 ; Koumis and Kanellopoulou, two demonstrators and also a number of immigrants and people from ethnic minorities (gipsies and Thracian turks etc). Recently the police murdered a young disabled boy.

    At the same time we’re seeing countless cases of militants, demonstrators and immigrants being tortured by the police ; as well as a systematic and unjustified use of tear gas bombs and other gas weapons at all demonstrations.

    I’ll add a final note, a police officer has never been killed by a demonstrator, furthermore no police officer, has ever spent more than two and a half years in prison.

    What exactly is happening across Greece ?

    The revolt has exploded in virtually all the regional capitals. In Salonika, Agrinion, Yannena and across Crete there have been clashes between police and demonstrators. In Patras the police attacked demonstrators accompanied by a battalion of armed neo-nazis, so-called "outraged citizens".

    Every day in Athens there are two or three different demonstrations, with tens of thousands of participants. In solidarity 20000 demonstrators attended the funeral of Alexandros Grigoropoulos. This isn’t about "blind rebellion" like the media claims, on the contrary it is a real movement and one that continues...

    The targets of the demonstrators are the banks and the multinational enterprises that are the symbols of poverty and suffering.

    The revolt unites young and old, militants and the non-politicised.

    It is the largest revolt in Greece since the Second World War and the Civil War which folowed in Greece. It could be the largest revolt in the western world for the last forty years. For us this revol is a completely legitimate response.

    Apart from the murder of this young man, what are the other reasons for this explosion of protests ? We are the first post-war generation to experience worse economic and employment conditions than our parents.

    In Greece we often speak of the "700 euro generation". Without a doubt this slogan doesn’t express how bad things are. In fact the majority of people under 30 live on less than 700 euros a month. The only jobs available are casual or short term, a lot of people are forced to work on the black market. The bosses fire people, blaming the crisis, mean while Greek Capital is benefiting from the massive profits gained from the pillage of the balkans.

    The situation is worse for immigrants who suffer from racist laws, widespread xenophobia and attacks from nazi groups which go unpunished. We must underline that immigrants have played a large part in this movement and, as usual, they have been the main victims of state repression. Of the 400 arrests so far, half have been of immigrants.

    As far as politics and corruption goes I can briefly sum up the situation for you : Recently there was a scandal as the ’Vatopedia’ affair saw the government giving land to the church.

    Two families, Papandreou of the centre left and Caramanlis of the right have governed Greece for 34 of the last 40 years.

    To this we can add the disastrous mismanagement of the fires in 2007 and of the aftermath. The attacks on social security by the socialists in 2001 and the right in 2006. Privatisation of the electricity company, the ports and of Olympic Airways.

    Interview by Jérémie International Secretary of the CNT
    Publié le 13 décembre 2008

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    Re: Riots in Greece

    Post  ElIndio on Fri Dec 19, 2008 11:00 am

    More interesting stuff :

    Workers in Greece occupy union offices

    Athens Law school Occupation

    Athens School of Economics Occupation

    Greek Solidarity Map

    Greece Solidarity Discussion WebsiteNews and updates at the Center For Strategic Anarchy


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    Comunicado de la Asamblea General de Trabajadores Insurgentes

    Post  luxemburguista on Sat Dec 20, 2008 2:12 pm

    O decidimos nuestra historia o dejamos que la decidan por nosotros

    Desde las ocho de la mañana del día de hoy Miércoles 17 de Diciembre de 2008, trabajadores de base hemos ocupado la sede de GSEE (Confederación General de Trabajadores de Grecia) en Atenas. Es el momento de acabar con la mediación de los sindicatos amarillos que no representan a nadie.

    Acabemos con la mentira mediática de los 500 encapuchados: La revuelta sigue viva.

    Declaramos la sede de GSEE en Espacio liberado para todos los trabajadores del país.

    ¡Huelga General ya!

    ¡Inmediata puesta en libertad de todos los presos de la revuelta!

    Nosotros, trabajadores manuales, empleados, parados, trabajadores temporales, locales o inmigrantes, no somos pasivos telespectadores. Desde el asesinato de Alexandros Grigoropoulos la noche del sábado hemos participado en las manifestaciones, en los enfrentamientos con la policía, las ocupaciones del centro y de los barrios. Una y otra vez hemos tenido que dejar el trabajo y nuestras obligaciones diarias para tomar las calles con los estudiantes, los universitarios y los demás proletarios en lucha.


    -Para convertirlo en un espacio de libre expresión y un punto de encuentro para los trabajadores

    -Para desmentir la falacia extendida por los medios que nos sitúa a los trabajadores al margen de los enfrentamientos, y que define la rabia de estos días como el asunto de unos 500 “encapuchados”, “hooligans” o cualquier otro cuento, mientras las pantallas de televisión nos presentan como víctimas del enfrentamiento, mientras la crisis capitalista en Grecia y en todo el mundo da lugar a incontables despidos que los medios y sus directivos tratan como un “fenómeno natural”.

    -Para despellejar y descubrir el rol de la burocracia sindical a la hora de menospreciar la insurrección, y no sólo ahí. El GSEE y todo el mecanismo sindical que lo ha apoyado durante décadas y décadas, menosprecia las luchas, negocia nuestra fuerza de trabajo por migajas y perpetúa el sistema de explotación y esclavitud asalariada. La postura del GSEE del pasado miércoles es bastante reveladora: el GSEE canceló la manifestación de trabajadores que estaba programada, parando en seco la organización de una pequeña reunión en la plaza de Syntagma, asegurándose de este modo que la gente se marchase cuanto antes de la plaza, ya que temían que los trabajadores nos viéramos infectados del virus de la insurrección.

    -Para abrir este espacio por primera vez -como una continuación de la apertura social generada por la insurrección en sí-, un espacio construido con nuestras contribuciones, y del que hemos sido excluidos. Durante todos estos años hemos confiado nuestros destinos en salvadores de todo pelaje, y terminamos perdiendo nuestra dignidad. Como trabajadores debemos comenzar a asumir nuestras responsabilidades, y dejar de ceder nuestras esperanzas a buenos líderes o representantes “aptos”. Debemos hacernos con nuestra propia voz, encontrarnos y reunirnos, hablar, decidir, y actuar. Contra el ataque generalizado que soportamos. La creación de resistencias colectivas “de base” es el único camino.

    -Para propagar la idea de la auto-organización y la solidaridad en los puestos de trabajo, los comités de lucha y las prácticas colectivas desde abajo, aboliendo a los burócratas sindicalistas.

    -Todos estos años hemos tragado con la miseria, la complacencia, la violencia en el trabajo. Llegamos a acostumbrarnos a contar los lisiados y nuestros muertos -los mal llamados “accidentes laborales”. Nos acabamos acostumbrando a mirar a otro lado ante la muerte de los inmigrantes -nuestros compañeros de clase-. Estamos cansados de vivir con la ansiedad de tener que asegurarnos un sueldo, unos ingresos, y una pensión que ahora parece un sueño lejano.

    Igual que luchamos para no abandonar nuestras vidas en manos de los jefes y los representantes sindicales, de la misma manera no abandonaremos a los rebeldes arrestados en manos del estado y el sistema jurídico.





    Miércoles, 17 de diciembre de 2008, a las 18 horas

    Asamblea General de Trabajadores Insurgentes

    Alternativa Roja y Verde - Los Alternativos
    Democracia Comunista Internacional

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    Group : Alternativa Roja y Verde - Los Alternativos
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    Translation to french and spanish of the Greece in Flames

    Post  luxemburguista on Sun Dec 21, 2008 7:54 am

    Grecia en llamas...

    Desde hace varios días la juventud griega grita su cólera.
    Su cólera contra una policía que asesina fríamente a un adolescente de 15 años.
    Su cólera contra una clase política (todas las tendencias se confunden) que está gangrenada por su prácticas de clientelismo y corrupción.

    Su cólera contra una clase política (todas las tendencias se confunden) que privatiza las Universidades, precarizan a los jóvenes y recorta las conquistas de los trabajadores (reforma de la seguridad social y del sistema de pensiones)

    En París, en Roma, en Madrid, en Varsovia, en Estocolmo, en Londres como en Atenas... El capitalismo explota, despide, asesina, criminaliza los movimientos sociales y expulsa a los sin-papeles.

    ¡Solidaridad internacional con los estudiantes y trabajadores en lucha!

    ¡En París, en Roma, en Madrid, en Varsovia, en Estocolmo, en Londres como en Atenas... Globalización de las resistencias!

    ¡Huelga general contra el capital!
    huelga general contra la represión del Estado!

    CNT (Francía), WORKERS INITIATIVE (Polonia), CGT (España), USI (Italia), ESE (Grecia), IWW (Reino Unido), SAC (Suecia), LA (Polonia), Solidaridad Obrera (España)

    La Grèce en feu...

    Depuis plusieurs jours la jeunesse grecque crie sa colère.
    Sa colère contre une police qui assassine froidement un adolescent de 15 ans.
    Sa colère contre une classe politique (toutes tendances confondues) qui est gangrénée par ses pratiques de clientélisme et de corruption.

    Sa colère contre une classe politique (toutes tendances confondues) qui privatise les Universités, précarisent les jeunes et rognent les acquis des travailleurs (réforme de la sécurité sociale et du système des retraites).

    A Paris, à Rome, à Madrid, à Varsovie, à Stockholm, à Londres comme à Athènes... Le capitalisme exploite, licencie, assassine, criminalise les mouvements sociaux et expulse les sans papiers.

    Solidarité internationale avec les étudiants et travailleurs grecs en lutte !

    A Paris, à Rome, à Madrid, à Varsovie, à Stockholm, à Londres comme à Athènes... Globalisons les résistances !

    Grève générale contre le capital !
    Grève générale contre la répression étatique !

    CNT (France), WORKERS INITIATIVE (Pologne), CGT (Espagne), USI (Italie), ESE (Grèce), IWW (Royaume-Uni), SAC (Suède

    Alternativa Roja y Verde - Los Alternativos
    Democracia Comunista Internacional


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    riots in Greece latest update

    Post  dreamecho on Wed Jan 28, 2009 7:26 am

    Good afternoon from Greece, comrades

    Il try to revert with some impressions from the recent uprising following the murder of the young Alexis.
    First of all we did not expect such a reaction ( i belong to a trotskyist group participating into the Left Coalition called syriza).Greece is a rather conservative country in many aspects and the best case scenario is a big demonstration.This time it was different.
    The first couple of days were chaotic ! Demonstrations were followed by attacks to banks as well as to shops and cars as many times in the past but the crowd that participated
    was huge.I think that police , as many times in the past, encouraged these attacks in order government and controlling tv channels use it as a violence shock towards public opinion
    using cops dressed as demonstrators as well as attacking only peaceful demonstrators and falling back
    supposedly not to provoke thus permitting stores to be looted.However i think that no one expected what happened.
    Middle aged people were seen on the street throwing stones along young ones , rioters and immigrants who looted. shops.
    One of the major anarchist group was forced to leave the premises of the technical university when other rioters attacked them and occupied the buildings.
    The pictures from tv reflecting a burning Athens made us think that all would conclude and finish into that orgy of destruction making people forget one more time what do we stand for.However demonstrations change course.Students of every age were on the street making demonstrations all over Greece in front of Police Stations.Peaceful demonstrations went on day after day while at the same time looting continued on different points of the city.Police continued the tactic of attacking peaceful demonstrators (at a stage circled and arrested around 10-15 lawyers who had come to defend the arrested).
    The building of General Federation of Greek workers was occupied by anarchists (i watched a meeting so i know)
    while other buildings were occupied by other people where only a percentage were anarchists (as far as i heard from others and our own sources , as you can understand we could not trust for information TV channels and most newspapers).
    The whole procces lost some intensity during christmas holidays however looked like the fire was there since when
    christmas holidays were over demonstrations were enacted.
    The murder of a police officer from a group of supposed extreme left wing "revolutionaries" froze everything.At their first attempt against police used the place of campus which as you can understand made us to doubt further on their identities.
    The aftermath ? Demonstrations are still continued in a smaller scale since we face the fact of an attack against a foreign unionized female worker with hydrochloric acid as well as a confrontation still today for a small park in an overpopulated area with all trees cut very early in the morning in order built an underground garage,where members of fascist group attacked local citizens as well as various confrontations with police special forces.The fight goes on.

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    Re: Riots in Greece

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