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    Project : Multilingual Bulletin


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    Project : Multilingual Bulletin

    Post  ElIndio on Thu Jun 05, 2008 2:15 am

    I forward this invitation prepared by some comrades to prepare a bulletin. In this project, as of today, there are people from America, Portugal, Spain, Norway and France.
    You may contact me if you are interested (intipele (at)

    Dear comrades :

    We, the comrades who are currently forming Communist Democracy (Luxemburgist) and For
    a Libertarian Left, would like to start the publication of an international bulletin or magazine.
    We know that there are many groups or individuals that lay claims on the different
    alternatives to the traditional currents, different from Social-Democratic reformism as well as
    Bolshevism. We believe that these alternatives have to be spread as much as possible among
    the worldwide proletariat. Even more so, considering the global crisis in which Humanity is
    immersed today.

    We believe it is necessary that the organizations and the activists who stand for the autoemancipation
    of the proletariat without mediations, for socialism and radical democracy, for
    equality and freedom, for internationalism and revolution, should work together. We are a
    few. But the alternatives we propose must reach more visibility. This being in opposition to
    capitalism and other alternatives that have demonstrated serious errors. These errors keep
    being put forward as alternatives, and they keep attracting many proletarians. Apart from
    other reasons, since alternatives as the ones you and we back up are not visible, they are
    absolutely unknown and a minority.

    We are few, barely around ten activists present in Argentina, Spain, Norway and France. We
    have contacts, supporters… But we are just those militants. Each one of us has had previous
    experiences and is part of other social organizations or labour unions. But as a “luxemburgist”
    group, we have been working for a little time. In this period, we contacted other groups and
    isolated activists with similar positions. It is to you all that we are addressing this proposal

    We would like to work with whoever shares these same values. This would be done without
    giving up anything. Neither the autonomy of everyone, or the possibility of uniting in the
    future. We think that an appropriate way of starting this collaboration could be a bulletin or an
    international magazine, multilingual, with at first an irregular periodicity, where the analysis
    of the problems that faces the proletariat in the global capitalist society would be a priority.
    We also consider that it could be important that members of different organizations work
    together in the elaboration of these analyses. Even though the bulletin will mainly be
    distributed on the web (at least at the beginning) we want it to have the right format so that it
    can be printed out and distributed on hard copy.
    As a concrete proposal (of course your opinion is welcomed, we are just presenting what we
    would like, but we wish to progress with you) we propose the following :

    Title: ‘Social Critic’ or ‘Proletarian Critic’

    Subtitle: ‘revolutionary socialist bulletin for democracy and equality’ or ‘marxist
    (luxemburgist) bulletin for democracy and equality’

    Presentation (to be added at the end of each issue): ‘Our objective is to contribute to the
    information and analysis of social struggles and revolutionary movements in the world. We
    are inspired by Marxism, and in particular Luxemburgism, but not as dogmas (which is not at
    all what they are), but rather as tools that strengthen the free genuine critical spirit, in the
    analysis of society and its necessary transformation by the vast majority. We fight capitalism
    and all forms of oppression. We defend the idea that “the workers’ emancipation will be
    carried out by the workers themselves”, we advocate a democratic, free and egalitarian society
    based on solidarity : a socialist society.”

    Eventually, we may add a summary of principles in several languages at the end of the
    bulletin, for example:

    "Démocratie - Liberté - Egalité - Solidarité" / "Democracy - Freedom - Equality - Solidarity" /
    "Democracia - Libertad - Igualdad - Solidaridad" / "Demokratie - Freiheit - Gleichheit -
    Solidarität" / "Democrazia - Libertà - Uguaglianza - Solidarietà"

    The bulletin would have its own website, through which it will be distributed. Administered
    with the Spip software, it would allow its control by each participant.

    Its periodicity would be at first irregular (however at least one every three months). Even
    though the objective is to obtain some regularity in a short period.

    It would include articles and news accepted by all. And it would be presented in the languages
    of the participants (this implies therefore translations).

    Its length would be of about 20 pages

    If we have too many texts, we believe the ones analysing global issues or specific struggles
    that may help as references to broader ones should be treated as a priority. The same would
    obviously apply for the ones sticking to the news. However, all the texts may be added on the

    Awaiting news from you.


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    Re: Project : Multilingual Bulletin

    Post  Cesco on Fri Jun 06, 2008 5:40 am

    I find this project interesting, but I am not from America, Portugal, Spain, Norway or France.
    Is that a problem?

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    Re: Project : Multilingual Bulletin

    Post  luxemburguista on Fri Jun 06, 2008 4:50 pm

    That isn´t a problem. We want to do the bulletin with all possibles comrades of all possibles places and in all posibles languages.

    The idea of the bulletin, like ElIndio says, is being already debated between some comrades. But it´s a very recent debate. It was proposed that before it was neccesary to debate our same approachs, because we are in different groups. We think that the open discussion in this Forum could be a previous passage, for our same debate, for contrast with others, and for that more comrades can join in the debate and in the bulletin.


    Alternativa Roja y Verde - Los Alternativos
    Democracia Comunista Internacional


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    Re: Project : Multilingual Bulletin

    Post  ffobr on Tue Dec 02, 2008 2:41 pm

    I'd be glad to help traslating english, portugal portuguese and (maybe) spanish to brazillian portuguese.

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    Group : Alternativa Roja y Verde - Los Alternativos
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    Registration date : 2008-04-16

    Re: Project : Multilingual Bulletin

    Post  luxemburguista on Wed Dec 03, 2008 8:41 am

    we would be to you very grateful by your help

    Alternativa Roja y Verde - Los Alternativos
    Democracia Comunista Internacional

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    Re: Project : Multilingual Bulletin

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