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    Repression in Tibet and China


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    Repression in Tibet and China

    Post  Atreides on Thu Apr 24, 2008 5:52 am

    Repression in Tibet and China

    There is much talk these days of Tibet and China, about the Olympics. In fact the Olympics have already been organized by dictatorships. What we fear is that the Chinese government aggravates repression before the Olympics in order to prevent any opposition to manifest itself during the games. There is a precedent: in 1968 in Mexico, a killing occurred just days before the opening of the Olympic Games.

    Faced with state violence waged by the Chinese government in Tibet, as some alternative the Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso. If the struggle against the dictatorship of the Chinese government is obviously justified, there is no reason to declare the need to replace this dictatorship with that of a religious leader. Our solidarity goes to the workers of Tibet and China who manage to struggle, under very difficult conditions, against exploitation and for democracy.

    The dictatorship of the Chinese government creates a regime of exacerbated inequalities and over-exploitation, with a stifling police of the fight of the exploited class (in combating its exploiters). This struggle exists under very difficult conditions: suppression of strikes, banning real unions, etc...

    It is essential to fight the capitalist domination exerted primarily by the neo-Stalinist Chinese one-party, and to end this regime that prevents the freedom and equality, that flouts basic human rights.

    What we hope is a social revolution overthrowing the dictatorship, expelling the ruling oligarchy of PCC, and allowing political and social democracy. Workers could, at a minimum, normally defend themselves against exploitation, and thus obtain social advances, the increase in their wages, etc. This necessary strengthening of the possibilities of action of workers in China for their class struggle would be favourable to workers worldwide, and may instead cause problems for the capitalists who either "relocate" in China, or use the Chinese counter-example as a means of pressure to increase the use they exercise on "their" employees.
    But eventually, what is needed to put an end to oppression and barbarity is a global revolution for emancipation, to put an end to the capitalist mode of production, for the conquest of democracy in China, Tibet, and elsewhere. Against the repression and theocracy: Workers Struggle!
    Communist Democracy (Luxemburgist), 2 april 2008.

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