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    Post  lost on Fri Mar 04, 2011 12:45 pm

    Not content with an assault on wages,jobs,conditions,the welfare state,public services the ruling class are now mounting an attack on public holidays,ancient and deep traditions.

    apparently for trade and business and to extend the tourist trade/season they want to abolish mayday.this represents a major and insensitive attack on major saections of the community.

    to name a few it is an attack on 200 years of trade union,workers and socialist traditions that celebrates the working class and socialist tradition.that tradition wasa extended and developed by women and generations of the womens movement.

    it also celebrates the natural seasons of the year,deeply laid in english and british culture.such a plan rides roughshod over other alos ancient more regional traditions including those in padstow and elsewhere in cdornwall.

    they want to take mayday and replace it with a st.georges day in april or a trafalgar day in October.the 1st would mark the patron saint of england but who has no association for the rest of the uk/britain.actually he was a cntral european warrior with no actual association with any of these islands.a date in october would celebrate another murderous imprialist victory over the french,which is hardly in tune with the EU/economic or european union,let alone a fully paisd member of the awkward squad,i want may day.i will be ignoring april 29 when the daughter of one rich family will be married into the fammily of the worst scroungers of public benefits in britain,who alos claim but do not always advertise a geneology that includes greece,germany and elsewhere.

    away with all of this-none of it should be allowed to cloud the reality that workers interests have nothing to do with capital or its statwe.indeed,if anything,compared with other contries in europe and indeed within what should be a federation in britain,we have less public holidays.

    so now 3 dates are in the discussion,perhaps we should tell them we want all 3.And add,"we don't just want more bread,we want the whole damn bakery!"

    in anger.
    for less work and more pleasure,
    in struggle.

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