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    Call for Solidarity to the 300 Migrants Hunger Strikers in Greece



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    Call for Solidarity to the 300 Migrants Hunger Strikers in Greece

    Post  dreamecho on Wed Mar 09, 2011 2:18 am

    Call for Solidarity

    Call for Solidarity to the 300 Migrants Hunger Strikers in Greece

    -On January 25, 300 migrant workers went on hunger strike in Athens and Thessaloniki.

    Their main demand is to be legalized.

    At this moment, when the financial crisis has violently erupted and ultra-right political forces have come to the fore, this may sound as a maximalist demand.

    For this reason, we need to pay attention to their demands so as to create symbolic cracks in the system and achieve political victories.

    -The political establishment and mainstream media in Greece have already started putting pressure to the migrants’ struggle and to those in solidarity.

    It is urgent to vow now the broadest support possible!

    Below the call for signatures.

    Those that wish to sign are welcome to send their name and profession in the following address:

    Solidarity to the struggle of the 300 hunger strikers

    How many times do they have to risk their lives in order to confirm their and our existence?

    In order to have the right to live with dignity and hope, in a country that seeks for scapegoats in those who are the most vulnerable and weak.

    For the migrant who, with his/her own blood, his/her poorly paid work and his/her creativity, make the country’s economic machine move on.

    For those who’re seeking for freedom and fleeing from neediness, war or some other short of «peaceful» occupation, cross the borders in search of a better life.

    For the migrants who lost their lives at the national borders of the European countries, for the 13.000 certified victims of the security doctrine since 1993 and the thousands of persons still missing.

    For the migrants’ children who from their early age grow with legal and social constraints and exclusions.

    In order to bring forward and establish to the common consciousness, as struggle and cause, the joint social interests of Greeks and migrants who produce the social wealth in every short of services, in constructions, in factories, in the fields, in domestic works – as well as the common social interests of the unemployed people.

    For the reasons mentioned above and other unmentioned here:

    - We express our solidarity to the 300 migrants, hunger strikers

    - We demand the unconditional legalization for all migrants

    - We support the migrants’ demands for equal political and social rights and duties with the Greek workers

    January 2011

    Solidarity Assembly to the Migrants Hunger Strikers

    It is also important that individuals, assemblies, groups and organizations express their support through letters of support, press releases and actions of solidarity.

    *Llamamiento a la solidaridad*

    Solidaridad con los 300 inmigrantes en huelga de hambre en Grecia

    -El 25 de enero, 300 trabajadores inmigrantes empezaron una huelga de hambre
    en Atenas y Tesalónica.

    Su principal demanda es que se legalice su situación.

    En este momento, cuando ha estallado la crisis financiera y las fuerzas
    políticas de la ultraderecha han entrado en acción, ésta puede parecer una
    demanda maximalista.

    Por esta razón, necesitamos prestar atención a sus demandas, para así crear
    grietas simbólicas en el sistema y lograr victorias políticas.

    *-El aparato político y los medios de masas en Grecia ya han empezado a
    presionar la lucha de los inmigrantes y a quienes se solidarizan con ellos.*

    *¡Es urgente asegurar el mayor apoyo posible!*

    A continuación, una petición de firmas. Todos aquellos que deseen firmar
    pueden enviar su nombre y profesión a la siguiente dirección:

    *Solidaridad con la lucha de los 300 en huelga de hambre*

    *¿Cuántas veces tienen que arriesgar sus vidas para confirmar su existencia
    y la nuestra?*

    *A fin de tener el derecho a vivir con dignidad y esperanza, en un país que
    encuentra chivos expiatorios en los más débiles y vulnerables.*

    *Por los inmigrantes que, con su propia sangre, su mal pagado trabajo y su
    creatividad, hacen que se mueva la máquina económica del país.*

    *Por aquellos que buscan libertad y escapar de la necesidad, la guerra o
    cualquier tipo de ocupación «pacífica», y cruzan las fronteras en busca de
    una vida mejor.*

    *Por los inmigrantes que perdieron su vida en las fronteras nacionales de
    los países europeos, por las 13.000 víctimas de la doctrina de seguridad
    desde 1993 y los miles de personas que aún permanecen desaparecidas.*

    *Por los niños de los inmigrantes que crecen con limitaciones y exclusiones
    legales y sociales.*

    *Para generar una conciencia común, una lucha y una causa, unir los
    intereses sociales de griegos e inmigrantes que producen la **riqueza social
    en todo tipo de servicios, construcciones, fábricas, en el campo, en los
    trabajos domésticos – así como los intereses de los parados.*

    *Por las razones mencionadas arriba y otras no mencionadas:*

    *- Expresamos nuestra solidaridad con los 300 inmigrantes en huelga de

    *- Exigimos la legalización incondicional de todos los inmigrantes*

    *- Apoyamos las demandas de los inmigrantes de igualdad de derechos
    políticos y sociales y de obligaciones con respecto a los trabajadores

    Enero de 2011

    Asamblea de Solidaridad con los Inmigrantes en Huelga de Hambre


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    Re: Call for Solidarity to the 300 Migrants Hunger Strikers in Greece

    Post  dreamecho on Wed Mar 09, 2011 10:06 am

    strike is over ! there will be a "regime of tolerance" until the 8 years required until legalization.No one is dead and we got a victory ! i am very happy Smile
    alberto a.

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    well done!

    Post  alberto a. on Wed Mar 09, 2011 10:59 am

    well done!

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    Re: Call for Solidarity to the 300 Migrants Hunger Strikers in Greece

    Post  ElIndio on Sat Mar 19, 2011 11:24 am

    This is great news, thanks for the update.


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    racist violence

    Post  dreamecho on Fri May 20, 2011 7:29 am

    Unfortunately the economic crisis and a recent killing of a Greek (who was about to go to hospital since his wife was giving berth) has sparked racist violence .The tolerance and in some cases even the assistance of the police has permitted the action of the major racist and fascist group called GOLDEN DAWN to attack immigrants , men , women and children and even destroy shops that belong to immigrants.I
    am sorry to say that we are on the defensive as it is very difficult to predict a raid.Police violence has escalated
    and we already have one demonstrator from the first degree unions, between life and death.The influence
    of the left remains minimal , some anarchist group have increased their power while new racist groups
    spring up every day.The "motto" that depression might bring the rise of the far right wing parties was known
    to me but its only now that i do recognize that it might come true.


    Number of posts : 14
    Registration date : 2009-01-28

    recent video of an attack

    Post  dreamecho on Fri May 20, 2011 7:30 am

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    Re: Call for Solidarity to the 300 Migrants Hunger Strikers in Greece

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