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    local community and local cuts



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    local community and local cuts

    Post  lost on Mon Mar 28, 2011 2:53 pm

    a few weeeks ago a number of local people did a substntial amount of work about the planned cuts on the local community.i live with my family in a small estate of privately built houses built in might be described as polulated by the well to do working class in houses and apartmnents they either own or is probably typical of many enighbourhooods in this borough which is know as the most ethnically mixed boroughs in britain.

    for me that is one of the wonderful things about living here,that the world is on my doorstep.i would guess that the area reflects typical problems of unemployment and for youth and for the many migrants here.i would have no complaints about any of those people,except about the conditions and situations they find themselves in.

    a significant number of people have become active and involved in the local,and probably wider and other anti-cuts campaigns.a busy and productive meeting was called,about which i will write further and seperately,in defence of our local library,and which made the points about linking up with other campaigns to stand together and not place ourselves in competition with other campaigns or areas.

    the campaign is growing and developing.there are action/campaign meetings in the librarfy,every saturday,called early on the last occassion to enable and encourage pe3ople to go on the major london demonstration for an qalternative to cuts.

    the local school,which is one street away from where me and my family live is reliant on the library as it doe snot have the space or resources for its own library.probably every school day classes,escorted by tedachers and others make the walk to use the library in every way possible.some of thsis work is themed-for hearing and rreading storiers,following particular sujects,study and leraning to use it fully.

    my 2 daughters attended the school which teaches childrenb vetween 3 years qand old and now takes 700 wife who became a school governor,part fo the(semi)democratic local management has been chair of goernors for some yearsd and is now in a private capacity making some of the letters from the children written against library closure available via email to the council and councillors in our campaign asgainst library closure and cuts.

    perhaps i will also upload or quote from them in another the meantime let me make afew general points.

    this is not by any means the poorest are in gthe borough but many of the residents in the area are already affected by both cuts and prospects of cuts,to which library closure will add and compound.

    in a sense part of common sense parenting is to wish to work,act and protect our children from negatives in the world.both the school and the library are warm inviting if our children have to be introuced to more difficultiesd than we mght wish at least the environment is supportive.

    having read only a selection of the letters prepared by pupikls across the age and "ability"range some things are very clear.that they are bright,sharp,intelligent and caried.they often make their points more innocently(without guile or the hidden aganda of adults),and sharply.they are full of insights and good ideas.many are challenging to the reader but respectful.many if not all are ecxcited by the library which they need for avariety of reasons.if it is closed it will undoutedly reduce the quality of life for individuals,families and the whole neighbourhhood,which although it has shops and transport connections,pubs and churches,synagogues is not otherwised exactly the most exciting place to live.that said it compares well with rural communities and is a relatievly safe enviornment in which children can grow up-none of that is reason to cut but rather to build on what is allready here and make it a reality elsewhere.

    if the "big society",a piec of tory nonsense means anything,and if children of our class have to learn the reality of class struggle then here aqnd now is a good opportunity.i do not know if we will win but an active community might be less damaged than those not defended.Nevertheless such a loss will be very hard.None of us want our swocial lansdcape "slashed and burned"left a desert by the forces now running a decadnet,wasteful and destructive system.Greed and envy are not at issue.Actually the community represnts crumbs not the profits of bankers for example.But if we want the future we desrve we have both to defend qand reclaim our communities,and to re-order it in the image of working people not the capitalists or bureaucrats who dont even have astake in the communities they intend to devastate.not only will such destruction wreak havoc for us but in the terms of either con-dem/neo-con or even keynesian ecconomics it will make virtually no difference.these palns are ideaologicqlly driven,using the financial cuts and crisis as an excuse to politically attack the ordinary living conditions of the working class,and to shave off any expenditure to prop up their declining rate of profit.these are our communities,in which everything results from the xploitation fo our labour.we should turn this disaster into qan opportunity to take back the wealth we produce for the life of our class.

    No war except class war.No cuts.Jobs for all.The best of quality of life for us all.



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