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    magical unrealism-housing



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    magical unrealism-housing

    Post  lost on Tue Apr 05, 2011 3:42 pm

    1.government under capitalism seems capable of magic unrealism fdrom the black arts or plain stupidity.but then...

    2.a few years ago one branch of the local state,a local authority must have thought that it had found the ultimate and instant solution to the public housing abolished is own housing else,working for the invisible department or its service users were fooled but it has made working for the interests of those in housing needs a bizarre experience,especially when any one section iof the invisible department may no longer recognise any other section of itself in such a framework.i am aware that various fragments might be manged anywhere in the local authority.whilst social services management might make some kjind of sense at a stretch,being managed by waste management would be unimaginable were it not the case for much for unified and integrated services.

    the current slash and burn cuts seem to exagerate and already bizarre reality and the process of redunadancies and elderly retirements become even more difficult for those caught up in it and who may or may not but certainly dont know whether they will lose their jobs.

    the point is that beyoind the strategy of aggressive refusal of any cuts this makes the tasks of any even militant and well intended and combative trade union approach even more difficult.even stupidity and knee jerk half thought out policies are now wonder increasing numbers are calling for some kind of general strike.

    i do not doubt that this specific examole is repeated in awide variety of public service agencies around the country.we now need to link up the anger and astoniushment and resentment expressed at the recent massive demonstratiion against cuts to the kind of strategy and tactics that mobilise not just workers but their enrgy into active and imaginative and co-ordinated tactics that are capable of punching above our actual wight and winnning.ione elemenbt of that might be to argue and work for services that are worth defending and that engage the users and workers to work together not just to defend what wexists but to move ionto the offensive and build the services we need and want to serve human need.

    another more recngt event confirms in passing that most of gthe current ruling clique are not only clarly identifiablke as priveleged members of gthe ruling class but that classical studies are part of that profile.most of them acros the main bourgeois parties either did classics or economic-politics at university.i ahve nothing against those disciplines only agaiunts the privelege of most of the doing it.

    but the following illustrates also that they have neglected more modern approaches.

    recent benefit decisions now palce limits on housing benefits that will mean that the poorest,inclduing the most vulnerable aqnd laregest families will be required to move from city centres and virtually empty those city centres out
    including london which is aparticularly expensive city and capital.a further later decision by central government to vary immigration rules so that the rich and powerful can move into and reside in london.of course gthe latter will not occuppy the spaces left by the former.this will leave empty spaces.

    i am for free movemengt of all people but this is a racist and iniquitous and opportunist change in immigratiion rules.

    whilst i always thought as a social science student and marxist that urban sociology was always a particularly suspect discipline,it seems that the british government have learned nothing from the us expreinec they are always so eager to compare with.then central,regional and local government decisons combined with laissez faitre capitalism and racism that the heart was torn out from many usa cities.chicago was was detroit.

    racism rose in both palces and now the british government show they learn nothing

    we have major tasks on all fronts to which we have to apply not simply numbers but imagination and innovation in actions and in our plans and demands.

    here i agree with the anarchists call for regime change-here and with lenin to put "this lot" on the rubbish pile of history.


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