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    THAT wedding



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    THAT wedding

    Post  lost on Tue Apr 12, 2011 4:58 pm

    that wedding is 29/04/2011 in london.

    the only positive note is that its a public holiday.

    anyone out there know of any NOT that wedding events?

    i have nothing against public holidays especially as there are less in britain than most places in europe but it is bizarre that the same "system"that requires us to work harder and longer,if we still have a job,also grants this public holiday?

    and are THAT family paying for their self indulgence?are they hell?



    Number of posts : 151
    Registration date : 2010-12-13

    That wedding-continued

    Post  lost on Fri Apr 29, 2011 8:30 am

    that wedding has taken place today but the bbc televsions coverage continues to pick over the corpse for any morsel of a story,or a televisual moment.this is not because the media is committed to any values like news,let alone truth but is generated within tnhe nature of systemic also functions to prop us the ideas and values(using both words cautiously)of the capitalist system,which in this country includes the monarchy.

    in some ways coverage is muted.although it seems to pick over every detail of the couple and to stress how they are an expression of modernity in pairing a key member of the ruling class with an attractive young woman from a long line of durham miners,this leaves little more to say.the media will not want more than the superficialities of such a heritage but actually that lineage will be more difficult to identify,due to the system itself in which moonarchy counts and miners dont,as individuals.that said the lineage of many members of the "old"ruling class in this country that when in doubt they ignored what was inconvenient and made things up.apparently there were afew days when a french king louis occupied the british throne which has been air brushed out.then at some point in the distant past they were offsping of cain and abel,adam and eve and depending on which gods were in favour-either wodin or lawd gawd almighty.

    there are thousands of foreign visitors in the street of london.they are welcome.they are also welcome to their illusions.indeed if americans like it so much why dont they buy them from us.after all everything is a commodity,and they bought up london bridge,thinking it was tower bridge and the queen mary steam far as i am concerned they can have this lot as a job lot.

    whilat the bride has taken vows refelctive of modernity those vows are not any positive reflection of revolutionary feminism because basically she has become his property and exchange any outline of a seperate class idenity(class in itself rather than for itself-is that the right way round-she is not giving expression to any class consciousness of her own-and indeed will now become part of a lifestyle that will be constrained by the various,complex and sometimes contradictory ruling class expectations of her.she will paqy the price as aperson but she has a"better bargain"than all those working women who heitage and inheritance is currently to labour.

    in order to look for creative ways of making or extenbding the stor,the media have turned up some thorny issues like who is most offended or offensive in relation to invitations to various parts of the apparently never ending bash.but very few of those engaged in or by these stries will be seiously committed to anything.i cant say i acre which memebers of whose ruling class was or was not invited.all the stories ride roughshod as usual over the interests of the various oppressed peoples that all of the rule over and exploit.

    equally i know that the opponents of all this show either express their indifference in ignoring it all except the street parties and the day off,though i suspect that many children and adults have been dragooned at various levels into going along with it.anyone who thinks differently certainly does not control access to the media or have had their mouths firmly set shut.but id do think republicans and otehsr have missed atrick here.

    yesterday the metropolitan police took a pre-emptive strike against numbers of anarchists superficially for other reasons (theft of electricity)but probably to prevent them expressing anything vaguely against the monarchy.some of them responded by saying they were planning no such thing-they like the rest of us have better things tro do.but while paying lip service to our rights to think and speak freely it effectively criminalises any deviant thought-deviant being anything different from a narrowing range of what is acceptable.will they try applying any of the anti-terror legislation or just make it up?
    the police warned they would deal robustly with any demonstrators.,muslims against crusades probably took gthe hint.the hint being for robust read "kill".they murdered de menezes,and the newspapre seler.they brain damaged a student last autumn so who is does not just happen on the strees of north africa a;though i do not deny the numbers and circumstances do make soem differences.

    i think it was only yesterday that republic/res rublica/re[ublica got on television.i must admit organised republicanism is so muted i dont which organisation is what.i thought the above were atory think tank?im not a republican myself because its not a republic i want.i dont want republican capitalism or someone elected to rule over me.i want full blown socialism in a community run by workers together.

    i contacted the republican socialist group,who are not defined by the rebublican in their name, but heard was after midnight last night when i got an email from some organisation somewhere inviting me to that time of the morning its both a bit late and expecting a lot to get a response.

    all i can do is work for a revolutionary socialist alternative and do my best to enjoy the process to such an like that future to involve no-one rulling over us,but sharing in making decisions.if we have to have figure heads then id rather they have titles like mother/father guardian/protector or something better still.that might actually in one or mores sense return us to a form of kingship with real meaning,minus the trappings of class rulke-that was when kingship was a living contract to defend,protect,faciliate.but living socialism should leave us little to be protected from.

    i can only end wishing all working people able to do so,a good day,and to spare a thought for those who still have to work.if only it were so simple thagt if we stopped working their system would collapse,dissolve,evaporate.

    ths struggle continues.for workers socialism!



    Number of posts : 151
    Registration date : 2010-12-13

    more on that bloody wedding

    Post  lost on Fri Apr 29, 2011 11:14 am

    thed british regime slash and burn our standrads of living at every level,hitting especially the poorest and most vulnerable.then they agreed to a bank holiday for that bloody wedding whilst denying it is a state event/occassion.that decision is estimated to cost the british economy £6bn today.i suggest that family of social security scroungers the windsors along with the cameron-clegg faction should pick up the bill.

    meanwhile,in the lived reality the rest of us beyond the windsors,bankers and capaitalists and the cameron-clegg gang....the met arrested a dozen young workers and students who are anarchists and socialists outside charing cross station on their way to the republican do in holborn.

    given that despite its vast sizeevefrything is relatively close to evrywhere else in london,i was not aware that either charing cross or holborn were exactly near the route for the scroungers wedding.

    i dont doubt the old bill will make up something,some excuse although given that police and intelligence dont often occur together,i dont doubt the explanatiion will be risible.

    so now we have yet more evidence that despite our weaknesses of size,influence and in fighting even thinking about republicanism and daring to celebrate it is effectively forbidden.

    the reality is that that bloody wedding has now been made compulsory enjoyment.for what its worth,im at home.and i will neither watch it enjoy it.actually i have better things to do-so is the defence of those arrested in hand?

    i do not wish any harm of any kind to the daughter of a mining family but to heel with the rest of them.,,,im a worker,get me out of here!


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    Re: THAT wedding

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