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    unlawful killing


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    unlawful killing

    Post  lost on Thu May 05, 2011 6:09 pm

    finally the inquest jury on ian tomlinson finds that he was unlawfully who was a newspapre seller not even involved in the G20 demonstration was on his way home when he found all ways barred by police closing roads and ketling seems that throughout mr tomlinson made no attempt to argue with police but was repeatedly turned away in his efforst to find a route footage of events shown in the media which formed part of the evidence show mr tomlinson being turned away.then they show the officer involved who was t"tasked"to drive and guard a police vehicle,in a period of about 15 minutes grasp a demonstrator and haul him away,followed it would appear but not molested by other militants in in black hoods and may have been that or another demonstrator who is crashed into the edge of the door of another police vehicle.the officer continues toi drag the demonstrator to the astonishment of onlookers who appear to gasp at the force with which the demonstrator is dragged into the door.minutes later the officer drags a bbc journalist with a sizeable telesvision camer to the floor.later still he struck mr tomjlinson in the back of the legs with an asp or baton and then forceably pushed the victim who crashed to the tomlinson was helped to his feet by a demonstrator and then walks around the corner where he collapsed to be helped by i blieve a female medical student.when police bothered to pay attention to mr tomlinson he was described as ademnonstrator and i believe the medicalk student was removed from the scene with threats to her by police.

    at the hearings this video evidence graphically shows the officer to be a liar who was forced to vary his some point he gave qan apology to the victims family as meaningful as the smile of a crocodile.he now disputes the finding of that court,even though an inquest court cannot concern itself with the perpetrator only the cause.

    this footage alone shows the actions of a raging thug on the loose.with the advantage and excuse that he is a police officer.

    this however should not be seen as the actions of one wild card or one bad apple.the central feature of policing is not investigation but as a body of armed men to enforce class is only unusual that he has been so spectacularly caught out,although it has taken 2 years to get this far.

    the step son of the victim was visibly both moed by the finding and the distress of his loss.

    meanwhile another,ex senior met officer "out"if not outed as a gay officer and some kind of lib dem candidate feigned outrage asking how many other officers behaved this way and expressed mock shock that the officer had not previously been prosecuted.he is either disingenupis in his outrage for his own political ends or he is stupid.probably both.

    the independent police complaints commission,another rather toothless way of gending of public outrage have to their credit demanded a police disciplinary hearing in public.there is talk of a criminal charge of manslaughter.i think this officer was looking if not to harm/kill mr tomlinson then to kill someone.i think any hearing will end up being just another public cover evidence the research quoted in socialist register 2009 that shows not a single conviction of any police officer in 30 years of the deaths at the hands of the police of 1,000 people.

    i think we,any protesters against both this pig/class justice,police murder and class rule should be present in silence at every moment of that hearing and anything relating to the"pig"concerned.

    perhaps in london/metropolitan police area we should adopt and adapt a tactic so effectively used by the black panthers in the usa in the 1960s,when each new york police officer was marked by a group of armed and uniformed black panther militants.of course we unlike in the usa do not have the right to bear arms but it is clear that the working class cannot trust these "filth"to be anything more than the body of armed men that the ruling class rely on.

    whilst that rule and that policing is hedged around with layers of procedures and processes that dulls that role we should be clear that most of the time they are not our friends and in excercising our democratic rights and freedoms they are so far on the wrong side.lif it is any different they have to prove this and many other incidents they are no better than the police in mubareks egypt.

    this is particularly importantg because mr tomlinson was an ordinary working class man,troubled by an alcohol problem but shown in all the evidence against the officer to be compliant and law abiding,and most importantly loved by his family.

    nothing can make up for his loss.each life and each person is important.i can only end by sending my condolences to mr tomlinsons family,and acknowledge their courage and tenacity in their pursuit of justice and closure.he should be remembered by all of us along with stephen lawrence and many others who have been victims of the police force and its failures to serve anything more than the class who rule over us.


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