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    bankers and the disabled


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    bankers and the disabled

    Post  lost on Thu May 12, 2011 3:40 pm

    lets be clear-the nature and the dynamics of the capitalist class are complex and contested.the bankers role is not dependent on their greed,although many undoubtedly capital is amongst the most untrustworthy because it is not tied by plant or machinery nor neccessarilly undoubtedly provoked the crisis.

    in this country,a con dem government ,with a questionable,not to say no mandate now continues to lecture the rest of us,the working people who it seems pay all the bills,all the time and for everything.they repaet the mantra that we are"all in this together".are we, hell?

    that government then prfoceeds to cut the bankers bonuses-often in millions for each individual.

    on 26/03/2011 a huge sections of our class,and others demonstrated our anger.yesterday that was followed up witha demonstartion fo over 5,000 people with disabilities along with theiur families and carers.whilst the numbers may be radically different-many of these people struggled to get to the demonstration.their courage,tenacity and rage at what is being done was palpable.many spent their last benefits to get to the demonstration.i dont doubt that the state is"mean enough"to investigate and punish them.many told stories of their lives that indicate they are unoubtedly hit by this rotten ideologically motivated slass attack of slash and burn.

    its unfair and its absurd and mean.the crisis is an excuse for restructuring benefits to place more burdens on the poor.for many this will deprive them of a basic quality of life,will turn many with profound and serious diabilities into the reserve army of labour,awhilst at the same time depriving them of assistance to remain employed such as the funds for adaptive equipment.

    im likely to join their ranks very soon.i can only that i can recover enough to join them in fighting back-to place them,their values and their rotten decayed system,where it belongs-on the rubbish pile of history.

    i would add my good riddance and that perhaps with the end of class divided social relations-the end of history will have arrived-so that we need never remember any of them or their system ever again.

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