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    racism in britain-the struggle continues


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    racism in britain-the struggle continues

    Post  lost on Sat May 21, 2011 4:22 pm

    recent local elections saw the collapse of the bnp/british national party vote and electoral machinery.this seems to leave the field to the ed;/english defence league although in their fraudulent efforts to deny their own fascism,reveals a dundamental rift in their own ranks.this is leading to rival and sectarian calls forf demonstrations or other actions often in the same location and timing.the northwest division is apparently associating with other fascist elements and seems proud to do so whilst the luton centred element of the edl continues to distance itself from overtly fascist organisations.

    whilst such infighting on what is left of the organised fascist right might be good news for the rest of us,we should not be complacent.fascism,racism and zenophobia and its variants continue to operate at other and sometimes disguised levels.

    in the last few days the police have been officially criticised for completely ignoring the child slaves of diplomatic,entrepreneurial,"middle class"and other families who bring children and others into the uk as servants.many though not all are usbject to abuse and least a dozen young women are acknowledged to have been completely ignored by police wghen these people who were then children sought help.the official explanation seems to be that the women were not being trafficked for sexualk exploitation.others see this as further demonstrfation of police racist "colour blindness".

    whilst the notion of "institutional racism"remains problematic,this attitude appears to be another clear demonstration of it.after 17 years 2 defendants are to be brought to trial for the murder of steven was his murder which resulted in police and other institutions being found institutionally racist.

    steven was 18 when he was brutally murdered.he would have been 36 this year.

    i was among the many public sector workers given briefings and training about "institutional racism" and how to change it.this stressed that each worker was responsible for working in an anti-discriminatory manner.i do not doubt that makes some difference bugt it does not change the relationships of the various structural layers of public institutions and the state.the fact that the trial might offer the family justice and closure is not a demonstration that the state or indeed the wider society has become any less racist.

    it reflects other changes with may not themselves be unproblematic,including cahnges in english double jeapardy law.a key has always been the tenacity and indefatigability of gthe lawrence family and the campaign around them.the news of the trial to stevens parents indicated that they are still raw from their sons death.

    the wider reality is that the institutions of the state and local state look on whilst racism still breeds in the social divisions that the state does nthing to challenge or to change.

    the pressures and tensions are likely to be exacerbated by the slash and burn cuts in socila and other therefore makes it more critical that socialists see the struggle against such cuts as going hand in hand with the struggle against racism and fascism.these are not seperate battles.they need to be linked.the interests of one or any section of the working class is not served by any divisions in our class nor any solution which either priveleges or targets particular sections of the class.

    the cuts are not financially determined.racism is not a tool to exploit and divide us.our call must be "no war but class war".we need to push from power and influence both the capitalists,and their servants-the state along with racists and fascists.

    one solution.



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