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    the absurdities of living with capitalism


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    the absurdities of living with capitalism

    Post  lost on Fri Jun 10, 2011 12:05 pm

    i am not a miserabilist in outlook or beliefs but the rotten system we all live under seems determined to steal our labour and give us miserablisim in return.not only do they expect us to live with their rotten system and outlook but to overlook the fact that they cant make it work and increasing amount of the time.

    being host to the olympics in 2012,im reminded of george orwells outlook on sport which i share,and that nearly evefry day there are developments that reinforce such a view.

    they have been forfced to make and speed up developments to the transport network in london.this includes making olympic only traffic lanes,so the rest of us proles will have to tolerate greater congestion and longer delays.

    we are also told that we,the proles,will have to change our journeys an travel times to accomodate olympics traffic of all kinds.of course they will also give us notes to our employers if we are late at work,or perhaps they will give us all 6 weeks extra holidays so we can stay at home.

    the way things are going it would not surprise me if they make it illegal for us proles without tickets for events to leave the house.

    i made a complaint to tfl about this situation.tfl call themselves transport for experience of tfl in the past leads me to believe they are really "theft,fraud and lies".they clearly did not understand my complaint about their advice on this occassion either.

    they like most institutions these days when asked anything or complained to or about just send a deadweight of soft,vacuous,meaningless,empty propoganda.

    i can only conclude what doctor goebbels,hitlers minister of propoganda knew-the importance of lying and repeating the lies.the lies need not be direct,flat denials.but repetition of the pretensious nonsense is is suppose designed to simply wear us down and persuade us that their absurd world is the real thing.

    i for one know that what they tell me is not the truth and not the reality.but then i stopped being reasonable a long tiem ago.

    to hell with olympics and the rest of their rotten system.

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