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    more absurdity-crime


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    more absurdity-crime

    Post  lost on Fri Jun 10, 2011 4:39 pm

    a few years ago,a young british muslim woman wrote a poem in praise,i believe of suicide terrorism.bad taste it certainly was.i do not know the quality of the writing.but she went to prison for several months of alonger sentence.the key person who saw through it was an ex conservative mp/member of parliament who is clear enough tgo know the difference between thoughts and actions,and the possible connection with journalism.

    recently university staff have been suspended,and students "hunted down",interrogated,expelled for downloading from a us security website,a declassified al-qeuda handbook.on the recent royal wedding day some young people were arrested for not yet going to a "republican event"elsewhere in london.20 anti-nuclear proesters are in jail and the trial of another group of 6 when it was foiund that undercover police had sexual relationships with the pedople they were observing and provided transport to planning the cps/crown prosecution service might be implicated in withholding the evidnec of all this from the defence which at the very least makes all the prosecutions unsafe.those in authority agree it needs invdestigating.

    there are multiple findings that the police have let down women whos safety is at risk.a small group os choolchidren are seeking to take the metropolitan police to court for kettling those and otrher children for 8 or more hours during a student demonstartion against educatioin cuts last november.suddenly kidnapping,beating and hemming children in,not allowing them to reurn home is child protection according to police statements.

    last night there was a power failure across a whole region of the railway system.thousands of people were unable to leave the station in london.thousands more were held on trains effectievly abandoned on over 60 trains littered around the network region.some were told they would be arrested if they left the trains where some were forced to remain for 6 hours.

    rumour has it this is not a third rate mickey mouse state.i know that in a complex society many things are...well complicated.but i suspect we have reached apoint where capitalism has become so decadent that it cant solve these difficulties and makes it worse-certainly as an experience.

    i think it is also a reminder about the police-forget "protect and serve".remember marx that these are bodies of armed men set to batter us in a vareity of ways into line or into silence or death.

    it is absurd.and decaying.unfortunately it could be a long time-a-dying or take us permanently into barbarism,oblivion or beyond.

    "we will not forget.we will not forgive.expect us",we need to choose our time to strike!and bring it all crashing down.after breakfast in the ruins,we have a better world to build.and we need to make it better day by day,NOW!

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