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    strikes in the uk



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    strikes in the uk

    Post  lost on Thu Jun 30, 2011 5:00 am

    its a beautiful sunny day here in the wimbledon tennis continues and mps chunter on in the house of commons,meanwhile at over 80 towns and cities around the uk trades unionists and others gather to start rallies,demonstrations and marches in defence of pensions,as we refuse to accept the rotten politics and tricks of a government as they tear up numerous legal agreements in imposing yet another burden of their system on us.

    last night a good friend set off to join numbers of people establishing tents in trafalgar square.border agency staff refused to attend work,so there may be numerous airport delays today.socialist worker reports 80 picket lines in manchester.a claimant showed up with a banner reading"in in together against the eton millionaires at a pcs/civil service picket line-which has a double significance because benefit claimants payments can be affected by industrial action.supporters at a number of places,including ukuncut showed up at rallies and picket lines with breakfast for strikers.

    the press are making a lot of the loss of schooling for young children today,yet there is never a squeak from them or the politicians when schools are closed for election polling stations to take place.

    ed miliband,leader of the labour party has repeated that the strikes are wrong.theres a lot of talk about trade unionists jumping tpo conclusions whilst negotiations with government take place-yet that same government repeat their TINA/there is no alternative mantra and indicate that the key principles of their pension robbery are not up for change.

    in what might be our typical british way,the rallies etc which are starting as i write seem more like a walk in the park,or carnival than marches of rage.and yet....beneath the surface is a high level of knowledge about what is at stake,accompanied by anxiety and rage at the attack on the very basics of workers conditions.

    i look forward to the day when we consign this whole rotten system to the rubbish bin and take back what is ours.i also hope that we then make those who rule over us entirely redundant.perhaps we can then give them the lowest level of unemployment benefit and send them into the wilderness.

    the president of the independent tax collectors union of egypt is here in london.he is due to speak at the opening rally of marxism 2011-festival of marxism tonight-he has already spoken at a rally suggesting the importance of regime change-both here and in egypt-so that we can replace the whole rotten world system with one that meets human need,not profit nor that terror of deteriorating condistions that they currently see as the solution to their crisis.

    im now going to join the rally in london before i myself attend marxism 2011

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